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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July Fun!

The fourth of July fun has come to a close for us at our house! The kids are tired, we're tired, but it has been a great day. We enjoyed a BBQ at my sister's house. The hubs and I both had things in mind that we were set on bringing. I set my goal to make great tasting healthy sides...he set his goal to make great tasting....uh well let's just say his side had quite a few more calories (dutch oven bacon cheddar need to say more :) But it was a great day even with a few splurges in there. Everyone gobbled up the food, healthy sides included! 
This holiday has given me a challenge for the rest of the year! I'm going to work hard on each holiday to make AWESOME tasting goodies, salads, brownies, whatever I'm asked to do, but make them guiltless...that's what I'm going to call them. I've had great luck so far just showing up with a dessert, or salad, or side and just watching people go to town. I've already thought ahead to Christmas to some things I'm going to make...hint mint, chocolate, raspberry etc...just some of the ingredients I'm thinking! It's going to be fun. I hope this personal challenge proves successful and I'm looking forward to the update posts over the next few months....but now back to the fourth of July

As I posted earlier we started the day with the yummy Strawberry Banana Pancakes (which are now gone, my kids wanted them for a snack)

For the BBQ I brought the Seasoned Roasted Vegetables, which were a huge hit with everyone...yes I will say they did complement the heart attack potatoes my husband made :)

And I also brought my Berry "Freedom" Salad and had a raspberry salad dressing! My sister and brother- in- law grilled some chicken! It was great! 

Then we finished off the day with some family water fun! The kids were hilarious with the squirt guns. We did the fireworks super early since the kids were just pooped by the end of the day, so not really great firework pictures! I have such a wonderful family and I'm so glad we all had a day off from our busy working lives to slow down and just chill with everyone!!!!
Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! Heck even if you don't live in the U.S. Happy Fourth!

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