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Thanks for stopping by! I'm young, I'm in love with my man, and I'm a mommy. We're busy, but happy. I'll share with you how to eat natural, healthy, whole foods while balancing family life! Learn to love your food, it will love you back!
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Some Essentials that I use

High Powered Blender
Agave Sweetener
Coconut Oil
Chia Seeds
Flax Seeds (ground)
Sesame Seeds
Nutritional Yeast (my new cheezy love)
Spelt Flour
Rice Flour
Coconut Flour
Whole Wheat Flour
Buckwheat Groats
Earth Balance Whipped Buttery Spread (it's gotta be whipped for me)
Natural Almond Butter/Peanut Butter
Rolled Oats
Whole Grain Pasta
Variety of Fresh/Frozen Fruits and veggies

These are what I always like to keep a stock of, it makes it a lot easier on the nights you don't know what to make to put together something nutritious and tasty as opposed to heading out to eat!