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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sprouting Buckwheat

I have a jar of buckwheat that I wanted to sprout and I didn't even know how to do it, so what's the point of having something that you're not using. So I found some easy instructions and I was finally able to sprout the buckwheat so now I've got my little tiny powerhouses of nutrients, it is a complete proteins source, with all 8 essential amino acids that I'm able to use! You can use these little babies in bread, cookies, cereal, yogurt, granola...tons of things, they are also gluten free! This takes some time, it's not done in an hour! A few days time...

Here are some instructions to use for sprouting buckwheat

Place 2/3 Cup of buckwheat groats into a bowl and cover it with 2- 3 5times as much room temperature water. Mix the seeds up so that none are floating on the top. Allow the seeds to soak for about an hour. You need to give them plenty of time to soak, but also remember that buckwheat groats can take in too much water which will keep them from sprouting.

Drain the water in a colander and let them stand, rinsing 3 times per day with cool water for 2 days. You will notice a goopy substance on the buckwheat, which is starch. Make sure that you wash this off thoroughly. And when it says rinse, it's a rinse, make sure it's all off!

At first you will notice a brown spot, and will then see a little sprout coming out. I stopped right there, I didn't want long sprouts so at the first sign of a sprout I stored them in a dry container and snapped of the little sprouts! They are ready to use

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