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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Final Day of Ab challenge

For those following the ab challenge, I'm sorry I wasn't able to post it yesterday! We are in the hiring process of a part-time nanny for when my husband starts school in August...yuck! It's always a nerve racking process trying to find someone you feel comfortable with leaving your sweet kids with. Luckily it's only for a few hours a week for us, but still it's kind of stressful, so I was doing interviews...then to destress my husband took my out...and I'm not passing that understand!

So this was to be done yesterday. You are going to have to go to the link because there is a video that is followed for an ab workout sequence! It's an awesome way to finish off the challenge! I hope everyone who has participated has enjoyed it as much as I have! I've really loved pushing through those sore muscles and getting some different, effective Ab workouts that I can incorporate into my typical workouts!

Now that is just what we're supposed to do with this! Take what you've done this week, and incorporate some intense Ab training every 4-3 days in your workouts, I know you'll get results! The baby pouch is my problem area...triceps are next, but I'm really looking forward to kissing that baby pouch good-bye

Final Ab Challenge

Bob Harper’s Ab Challenge – Complete entire routine (follow video)
Bob Harper’s Set ups – Complete 25 reps (Follow video for correct form)
Leg Lifts – 25 reps
Push Through – 25 reps

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