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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Breakfast Quinoa Fruit Salad

Mornings are a wonderful time! I love summer mornings in particular. You wake up and it's nice and cool, but it's light outside! It's perfect for strapping on those running shoes and heading out!
Winter and fall mornings can be just as nice to me! How great is it to curl up with a steamy mug of hot chocolate and be surrounded by holiday cheer everywhere you go!
It's too bad that most of the time mornings seem to be our busiest times. I know I've missed out on a lot of precious "me" time just to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep, or I've missed the quiet moments when the sun is coming up because I didn't stop to appreciate the beauty of mornings!

So to dress up our morning today I decided to make an out of the box breakfast! Sometimes when I'm wanting some kind of grain or oat for breakfast I get bored with just oatmeal...(I do try to dress it up) but still you want a change sometimes! So I found some ideas from multiple sources to use quinoa with berries! Well I thought that sounded like a yummy wake up to my day! So I gathered up some fruit and mixed some chilled Quinoa, cinnamon and almond extract with it and what do you know it turned out to be an awesome breakfast! I really wanted to put mango in mine, but when I cut into it it was all bruised, but I'm still putting in my ingredients because I think it would be AWESOME! I think this could be used just as a fruit salad side also or lunch, but I like it for breakfast :)

Breakfast Quinoa Fruit Salad

1/3 c Quinoa
2/3 c water
1 tsp cinnamon (you can put cinnamon and sugar together for more sweetness)
1 chopped apple
1/2 banana
4 chopped strawberries
1 chopped mango
dash of almond extract

Put quinoa and water and bring to a boil. Lower heat and cook quinoa until water is gone and quinoa is tender and cooked. Add cinnamon, or cinnamon and sugar and almond extract. Chill quinoa. Meanwhile, chop fruit and place in a medium bowl. When Quinoa is chilled add to fruit and mix. Top with cinnamon and dash of sugar! Enjoy

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