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Saturday, August 4, 2012

No Bake Mint Carob Fudge

Does the Transiberian Orchestra ring a bell with anyone? Well I LOVE them, yes I know they are a Christmas band, but today my daughter wanted me to play her "ballet" music! She is a ballerina whenever the they are on the ipod :)

So I decided today would be great day to make a vegan fudge since we were dancing around to Christmas music in August! I've decided to start preparing for my holiday baking. I want a lot of healthy recipes to throw around for my own family and to also bring to parties and whatnot. I also have never used carob chips or carob powder in place of cocoa, so I thought I'd give it a go, I changed a few things from the original recipe here. Carob has less calories than cocoa does so all the better. I had to add mint to these, I was saddened though I thought I had peppermint extract, but no I didn't. Oh well, I dug around a little bit and found my mint extract, so it'll do.

 These fudge squares turned out super chewy, it was not the texture I'm used to. My mom's fudge is very dense and not so chewy. I really, really enjoyed the taste I would like to discover a way to not make them quite so chewy though. Next go around I will use peppermint and maybe top them with a peppermint whipped topping or candy cane pieces....we'll just have to see. Fudge is like a staple Christmas treat for me! I think over the next few months these little babies are going to kick my other fudge recipes out of the water! Awesome!  I suppose if you didn't want to try the carob powder, cocoa would work fine too.

Mint Carob Fudge

1 C maple syrup or other liquid sweetener (agave)
1 C carob powder
1 C peanut butter
1 T vanilla
1 T mint extract
2 T cornstarch
1/8 C chia seeds

Combine sweetener and peanut butter in small sauce pan. Heat until melted together. Remove from heat and add remaining ingredients. Mix well. Spread fudge in the bottom of a pie dish or 8x8 baking pan. Put in fridge to set up for about 2 hours before cutting. Enjoy!

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