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Thanks for stopping by! I'm young, I'm in love with my man, and I'm a mommy. We're busy, but happy. I'll share with you how to eat natural, healthy, whole foods while balancing family life! Learn to love your food, it will love you back!
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crock Pot for 2 weeks!

School is starting and schedules are getting jam packed! I am a crock pot fan, but I haven't used it much for meals apart from soup since we started eating plant food the majority of the time. I usually used it for a lot of meat dinners! SO! I've developed a new challenge for myself and for this blog to create some healthy crock-pot food for two weeks! I'm so excited, yes there are going to be a few soups, but that also is because the seasons are changing and I'm starting to rush fall into my house because I can't wait for the holidays!!!!

So I'm going to do a week at a time, since I do my grocery shopping by the week! It starts today, I'm just getting ready to go rev up the crock-pot now! This will be so fun, and such a relief to know that dinner will be on it's way to being done without any thinking from me during the busy transition with school starting for the hubs! Not every meal is a dinner since I utilize leftovers into my wasted food right! Everything is going to be vegetarian or vegan, I'm really excited for the meat balls. I've made a sweet n' sour pork meatball before that my husband adores and I'm anxious to see how these compare!

This Week's Menu

Crock-pot Vegan Mac and Cheeze

Vegetarian Chili

Quinoa Corn Chowder

Italian Style Potatoes

Peppermint Patty Mugs

Sweet n Sour Meatballs (vegan)

Crock-Pot Brownies

Join the challenge with me and let me know on my facebook page how it's going, or leave me a comment!!

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