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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yes you really can get into shape

I was not a runner. I didn't like it, it was hard, it hurt, I felt like I was going to die  because I couldn't breathe I said bad words in my head the whole time :) Then my wonderful sister and brother-in-law really started getting into running, they both ran a half marathon a few months ago and I was at the finish line with a sign cheering them on. I saw how hard they had worked and how they had started from being out of shape too and I also saw how pumped up all the runners were, so I was motivated. My husband was motivated so we've signed up for our first race. My husband is just going for it and doing a half, I'm doing a 5 K. I felt whimpy at first for not doing the half, but now I've set my own difficult goals for a 5 K. 
-I want to run the whole time
- I want to be smiling when I cross the finish line
- I want to do it in under 25 minutes
I can't wait to do an update and let you know how it goes!

I don't enjoy getting into shape and I don't know many people who do, but if you just get started and keep at it and really play that mental game with yourself and push yourself hard even when you want to stop you can do it. Signing up for a race has really helped motivate us, it's given us one more reason to get into shape, having family or friends do it with you is always a great way since you have a support group so on your hard days someone else can push you! 

I now look forward to my time when I get to work off some stress from the day or when I get to go out in the morning when it's still cool outside and just clear my head. I love the feeling after you work out of your muscles being worked, I like the "good pain" feeling of tired muscles. I know you can get started just get out and do it. I've got to run with a double jogging stroller with 50 pounds worth of kids in it....lets get tough that's what I keep can do more than you think you can... it doesn't matter if you run, strength train, walk, bike whatever just get dirty, grit your teeth and get tough! :)

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