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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Raising Kids Healthy

The most touchy subject I think is how someone is raising their child. I try not to judge others on how they raise theirs and I ask for no judgement on how I raise mine. I will judge you if I see you  slapping your kid around...that stuff doesn't fly with me!

Anyways, I have some thoughts, concerns, worries...whatever come into my mind over the last few days.

I try my darndest to feed my kids good...I don't feel like I deprive my children. My daughter and I made a chocolate cake the other day--yes it was sugar/oil free but if she loves it all the same who the heck cares! Don't we all want our kids to love healthy things?

I had a friend post on facebook the other day about her daughter starting kindergarten and how they gave candy for snacks! It started me thinking--before I know it my daughter will be in the school system (I'm homeschooling right now for preschool, but I don't intend to homeschool through her K-12 years) so I realize that she will be exposed to vending machines and loving teachers who give candy as rewards! What can I do about it?

Well I plan to be very vocal in the schools. If candy is given multiple times a day I will probably visit with the teacher--if nothing changes I will visit with the administration. I plan on being proactive in educating my community that...yes kids love they have to have it multiple times a day? Would anyone agree that sugar is addicting? Well it is--it's be scientifically proven. It releases Dopamine in your brain that tells your brain that it loves whatever your it leaves you wanting more.

Feeding kids healthy...truly nothing short of a lifelong battle against the society we live in. I'm a pretty passive person at times...I don't like confrontation. However, kids will bring out the mama bear in me. I feel very passionate about how I feed my children and their disease I plan to do all I can do to give them the best shot at a healthy life that I know how!

Another thought that is right among us--right now! The holidays. Talk about a sugar and fat fest. How am I going to deal with the holidays. I know parties are coming up and I plan on making my own festive snacks...mine won't have sugar though or they will have very little. I originally made the statement that I would let relatives be relatives and they can give my kids some sweets.

Well I think that isn't okay anymore. I'm not saying my kids can't have a cookie or two...but no more multiple servings of soda, brownies, fudge etc! There was a family that had older children, but still...they told their kids to accept but not eat any of the treats given to them during the holiday season and they would go on a family vacation! Well it worked and their kids did it....they went to Disneyland. The amazing thing was they figured by all the sweets and fats given to them their kids avoided 40,000 extra empty calories each! Each child! I couldn't believe it!

I will show my kids by example. I have mentioned my holiday challenge before, well now the holidays are here and I plan to be more vocal. I hope others will respect that. It's not hurting my kids in any way to feed them fruit instead of cookies...they love it just as much!

Any thoughts on our society and children? It's a subject that I'm sure most parents think we just need to decide how to react to it!

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