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Thanks for stopping by! I'm young, I'm in love with my man, and I'm a mommy. We're busy, but happy. I'll share with you how to eat natural, healthy, whole foods while balancing family life! Learn to love your food, it will love you back!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Life...It's Busy...but here's a recipe anyways!!

Somedays I feel like the only thing I want to do is stay curled up in my bed and stay there until I hear little feet running down the hall and feel a little hand tap my shoulder asking for breakfast!

I'm all to familiar with an annoying buzzing noise that tends to be snoozed to often. I'm all to familiar with a dark empty kitchen while I quietly get ready and head out the door. It's busy sometimes in life, I go to bed much too late most nights, last night I blamed Grey's Anatomy episodes on Netflix!

Somedays when I feel overwhelmed with trying so hard to find delicious, healthy meals that my family will all eat, these days are when I want to run down and pick up some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese bowls, or Chicken Nuggets and just whip food up in 4 minutes or less for my kids. It's hard to work, cook, blog, write, play legos, play dress-up, start homeschool! Man, the life of busy people. Why do we add so much to our plates?

For me I wouldn't change most of my plate. Sure someday I'd like to skip waking up and leaving for work, but for now it's what I do. It takes a lot of work trying to stand firm while my kids go through their eating phases, like I posted yesterday, my son is on a fruit diet lately, healthy, but I've been getting worried about his fats and vegetables. I keep trying, it's frustrating to watch him through his broccoli or sweet peas, but I keep trying. Over the weekend my kids were given hot dogs and cotton candy, that was what was available to starving kids since we weren't at home. I stared at their plates and felt sick inside knowing that if I stuck to a diet like this multiple times in the week I would be setting up my children for health failure!

So that little epiphony is why I keep trying. Last night I made our Sunday meal, spaghetti, and was inspired by my son to make a sneaky veggie sauce. Well I went even farther than that and made a veggie "meat" sauce. Since I loved the vegetarian meatballs so much I used those again in our "meat" sauce. It was a good choice.

Although he still didn't eat as much as I would've liked him too I know he had some added goodness in his meal without him knowing. My daughter ate her's really well and is actually turning into a really healthy girl...she seems to be eating constantly right now, can you say growth spurt, but she requests good wholesome food! It brings me happiness.

Well these ramblings are what needed to be taken out of my head this morning...thanks for listening...hey you get a recipe out of it right?

Veggie Meat Sauce

1 can crushed tomatoes
2 T basil
2 T oregano
1 c cooked butternut squash
1 handful spinach
2 garlic cloves
1/2 recipe of vegetarian meatballs (you can bake them, you don't need to crock pot)

Combine all ingredients except meat balls to a blender. Blend on high until everything is pureed. Add to a saucepan and heat over med-low heat. Crumble vegetarian meatballs into the sauce and simmer for 10 minutes. Serve over your favorite pasta! Enjoy
* If you make the meatballs in the oven, bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

1 comment:

  1. Emily, this is a fabulous idea! I love it. How do they hold together? I'm kinda thinking they would be pretty awesome held together with some quinoa. I think I wanna try! Thanks for the inspiration.